Steve and Natalie Burkholder

Steve and Natalie have been missionaries in Tanzania since July 2001. Their family has grown recently; they now have three children, Hannah, Caleb and Sarah. The Burkholders have started two churches, one of which is now under Tanzanian leadership. They currently live in the small town of Katesh, the district capital of the Hanang district of North Central Tanzania. They have targeted this district and the unreached Datooga tribe who live in villages surrounding Katesh.

After meeting for several years in a rented building, the TRUTH Center was built and started in 2007. The TRUTH Center is a ministry center that has a Christian school, youth/community center, and the Truth Baptist church. The Christian school ministry is now registered with the government, which was an important step for which they had been praying for some time. The Christian school is growing and a new classroom building was recently built to expand this ministry. They also recently purchased more land for a new ministry which will be called "Timothy House." This will be a home for young men to help prepare them for life and train them for the ministry.

The heartbeat of TRUTH Center ministry is reaching the small town of Katesh and establishing a strong local church there that will be able to start daughter churches in the surrounding villages. The Burkholders have already started this church (Truth Baptist) which currently supports a full-time assistant pastor and also two national missionaries. The first daughter church was started in the village of Basotu in May, 2009 and other villages have been surveyed and targeted. The TRUTH Center also has a Bible Institute ministry that is training national leadership through Bible courses and practical ministry experience.

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