Faith Baptist Church

Faith Baptist Church of Lebanon, PA

We are a body of believers who gather regularly for the purpose of magnifying our God. When we gather together, we seek to do this by worshipping Him through music, communicating with Him through prayer, hearing from Him through the preaching of the Bible. When we are apart, we seek to continue magnifying God through our everyday obedience to Him, our prayers for each other, and our love for God and our neighbors.

What do we believe?

We believe...

GOD IS, and we are created in His image.

THE BIBLE IS GOD'S WORD, and the more we read it, the more our faith is strengthened.

JESUS IS GOD AND SAVIOR, and we have a personal relationship with Him. We can pray to Him.

THE HOLY SPIRIT IS GOD AND EMPOWERER, and we should listen as He guides and comforts us.

SALVATION IS BY FAITH ALONE, and we are confident of our salvation and security in Christ.

THE CHURCH IS GOD'S PLAN, and we should faithfully serve in the church.

THE FUTURE IS IN GOD'S HAND, and we are learning to live daily knowing that God cares for us and has plans for our lives.

You can read our full doctrinal statement here.

How did we get here?

Faith Baptist Church began in the mid-1970s under the name of Tabernacle Baptist Church. After struggling for a few years on account of some leadership transitions, Tabernacle Baptist was dissolved and Faith Baptist Church was born. In 1984, Faith Baptist Church moved from the Coleman Chapel on Route 422 into a new building in the present location of South 22nd Street. By God's grace, the faith that had allowed the formation of the church also allowed it to grow, and many people have come to Faith Baptist as their church home over the last three decades. For a detailed history, you can read the full story of Faith Baptist Church.