Teen Ministry

“Spiritual formation in a time of transition.”

This has been the goal for our teen ministry. Whether it’s during the awkward stages of middle school or transition into adulthood, teens are facing an ever-changing world. How should they navigate through these difficult years? What about the social issues they are forced to deal with on a regular basis at school? When it is time for them to journey into life on their own, what or who will be their guide? How will they learn to make good choices? All of these questions are dealt with during the years your teen will spend in our teen ministry. We do not believe it is the church's responsibility to be the sole source of guidance through this time of transition for teens, but rather we seek to come along side of families who are seeking to raise their children in a God-centered way.

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T.N.T. (Teens iN Training)

To help teens learn to navigate their spiritual and church life our TNT ministry meets on Sunday evenings during the school year. It is designed to train teens to effectively use their talents and abilities in local church service. TNT not only provides ministry opportunities, but also teaches responsibility over a period of time.

Throughout this year teens will be training to form Godly habits while they have their devotions, attend church, memorize Scripture, share the gospel, and serve our local church. This intense program teaches faithful consistency in necessary habits for any Christian teen.

As well teens are trained in practical ministry areas for local church service. Some of the courses we offer are: Children’s ministry (teaching children), Evangelism (sharing the gospel), Puppet ministry, Hand Chimes, Balloon tying, Drama, and other ministries that can be used to serve the Lord.

Each teen successfully meeting the requirements of the TNT, is offered the opportunity to go on a Summer Ministry Trip. These trips provide not only an enjoyable experience each summer, but more importantly provide growing, learning, and stretching opportunities for the teens. In years past we have taken ministry trips to Virginia, Illinois, Florida, Minnesota, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Arizona, New York, and even into Nova Scotia Canada. During a teens Senior year we make available an foreign ministry trip. These locations have included Portugal, Brazil and Mexico.

For more information regarding the TNT ministry, please contact Pastor Jon.

Teen Time

During the summer months (June-August) teens take a break from our TNT ministry and participate in Teen Time. Throughout the summer teens meet on Sunday evenings from 7-8 PM for an enjoyable time of games and time with friends. Any teen in 7th-12th grade is welcome to come and we encourage them to invite their friends to hear about the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

Teen Camp

In the middle of the summer there are few events our teens look forward to more than Teen Camp. Why? It’s an exciting week with your friends playing lots of exciting games, going to the arcade, spending time at the snack shop, competing in Last Man Standing (a week long competition), cheering for your team, going on trips (bowling, mini-golf, swimming, Hershey Park), and hearing challenging preaching from the Bible. All of this combined into one week makes for an amazing time spent with friends and God.


Teens are an active group and we want to provide good activities in a safe environment for them to participate in on a regular basis. All activities are staffed by individuals, who have child safety background checks. Your teens well-being is always a concern during our activity. Some activities in the past have been: Hay Rides, Corn Mazes, Hershey Bears Hockey Games, Mission Impossible, The Gobble Games, Picture it!, and many others. Some of the annual or monthly events:

Final Friday

On the last Friday of the month from January-May, teens are invited to join us for games, an arcade and food (usually pizza). Final Friday runs from 7:30-10 PM. Please check with the office to ensure the event is scheduled as planned.

Life-Size Clue

Clue is possibly one of our most loved events. Groups of teens run around a darkened building trying to solve a mystery. Opportunities for the teens to scream or scare themselves abound, while on their mission. This activity is an annual event.

Teen Leadership Conference

We attempt to provide opportunities not only to have fun, but also for teens to grow in their spiritual and personal life. Leadership Conferences are designed to teach teens on their own level necessary, biblical skills to navigating life.

Laser Lock-in

Once a year, we rent out a facility to play laser tag with our teens. This event is a blast and is often looked forward to by many of our teens. Stay up through the night and play as much laser tag as possible.