Seniors Ministries

I Timothy 5:1-3 instructs us to entreat elder men and women as fathers and mothers and to honor widows. Therefore, we believe that it is important to minister to the elderly saints who are part of the congregation in order to entreat them, to honor them, and to encourage them. In addition to pastoral visits to their homes, the church also hosts monthly luncheons for our senior saints in order to provide a Christ-centered atmosphere for fellowship and spiritual encouragement. Of course, elderly believers have a great deal to contribute to the body as well, as indicated in Titus 2:1-5. And so, many of our elderly members serve in various ministries of the church -- as Sunday School teachers, as workers for Calvary Club, as greeters, through mentoring, by visits to shut-ins, or as part of our Rest Home ministries. As a Bible-centered church we need to be vigilant to honor our senior members and to recognize their great value to the body.

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