Children's Ministries

Our children’s ministries exist to help children discover the character of God and the truth of His Word. We seek to introduce children to Jesus, so that they will desire to begin a personal relationship with Him. To help children nurture this personal relationship, we seek to teach them how to understand God’s Word so that they can daily apply God’s Word to their lives. Children who choose to live like Jesus will need consistent discipleship, so we are committed to partnering with parents to enable them to effectively train their children to live like Jesus.

Lessons for Kids - ONLINE

Each Sunday morning a new lesson is released for kids to view on our website or YouTube channel. These lessons are designed to help kids learn more about WHO God is and HOW they can be more like him. These lessons include a few different series that focus on themes like ... God's Name ... God Is ... Names of Jesus ... Simple Stuff ... Humans ... Strange Stories.

Visit our sermons page or YouTube channel to watch these weekly Lessons for Kids.

Regular Ministries

Calvary Clubs

Calvary clubs is our Sunday night children's ministry designed for all children 3 years old through the 6th grade. Find out more about it here.

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Children's Sunday School

Each Sunday morning at 9:15 classes are available for your children age 2½ through 6th grade. For the hour they are together, your children and their teachers will discover more about God through discussions, lessons, projects and other activities. God has blessed us with many caring and talented teachers, and we are excited to invite your children to learn with them.

Junior Church

We offer age-appropriate classes for your 3 year old through 6th grade children during each Sunday morning service. On Sunday evenings, classes are available for your 3 year old through 3rd graders. During class, your children will learn more about God through object lessons, Bible stories and group activities delivered on their level.

On Sunday mornings, 3-4 year old children may be dropped off at their classroom beginning at 10:30. All other elementary age children join their parents in the Auditorium for the start of the morning worship service; during the course of the service, children will be dismissed to their Junior Church classes.

Elementary Activities

We regularly offer one weekend activity each month for your children in 1st through 6th grades. Most activities are free, last for two hours and take place here at the church. We use every inch of the building for our scavenger hunts, hide & seek, dodge ball and other games. Sometimes iPads, strobe lights, pool noodles, tricycles, water slides and bounce houses show up. Your children are invited to join us whenever they can.