Infant Nursery

A vital and important ministry available to anyone attending our services is nursery care. Nurseries allow parents to focus on worship while having peace of mind that their child is being cared for safely and adequately. Our nursery facilities received a complete makeover in 2010 including new cribs, changing facilities, toys, murals, and bathrooms. Though we are excited about our new facilities, maintaining safety, health, and efficiency is our primary goal in our nurseries. Therefore, we have adopted the following nursery policies, personnel policies, and paging system.


Our nursery policies are to be observed by everyone wishing to use these care facilities.

  • Please ensure that you place your child in the appropriate nursery:
  • The Infant Nursery is designed with newborns and early crawlers in mind.
  • The Crawler Nursery provides safe care for those children who are crawling, as well as those learning to walk.
  • The Toddler Nursery provides an environment where youngsters under the age of three who have mastered walking can safely spend their endless amounts of energy (usually those 2-3 years of age).
  • No sick children are to be in any nurseries.
  • Only parents or guardians are to pick up their children. Children will not be released into the care of other children.
  • Please pick up your child(ren) as soon as possible following the services.
  • Indicate any special instructions regarding your child's care on the sheet provided at the window where you will be dropping off your child.


Many of our church members volunteer to help in our nursery ministry. In order to maintain a healthy and safe environment our volunteers work diligently to keep our nurseries clean and efficient. In fact:

  • All members who work with children must complete a background check.
  • Our workers clean and disinfect toys, cribs, walls, and counters to provide a clean area in which your child can play, rest, and be cared for.
  • Special instructions regarding your child's specific needs will be followed by our workers.

Paging System

Our paging system provides peace of mind for our parents.

  • Each nursery distributes pagers for the children in their care. If you have children in more than one nursery, you will receive a pager for each child.
  • If a need concerning your child arises, a nursery worker will page you.
  • The pager is also used as your identification to pick up your child. Children are released into your personal care when you return to the nursery with your pager.