Live-streamed Services

A live video feed of the Sunday Morning messages will be available to stream to your computer or device if you are unable to make it here in person.

The video will begin streaming at the same time the preaching begins (after the song service), which is typically around 10:50 AM.

How to Watch

There are multiple ways to view the video of our services. If you are using a computer, you can watch either on our site or at, and if you are using a phone, tablet, or TV device, you can watch through the YouTube app or any web browser.

On Our Site

The latest or current video will be embedded below. All you have to do to watch is visit this page at the time the service is starting. After the sermon is complete it will be archived along with the other sermons on our sermons page.


Our account page on youtube will show the current, upcoming, and previous sermon videos.

Through the YouTube app

In the YouTube app on AppleTV, Roku, and other video devices you will be able to search for and watch videos of the services. Live and archived videos will be available there.

Why isn't the song service included?

Streaming the song service requires a separate copyright license and creates some logistical issues. For now, we have opted to just stream the preaching time.

Will every service be streamed?

For now, we will just be streaming the Sunday AM service, with others potentially being added in the future. In addition, some services may not be streamed due to sensitive information being shared in the course of the sermon. In such a case we will post a notice on the website.