Scott and Kathy Murphy

Scott and his mother Ann have worked with the Navajo Indians since 1969. He and his wife Kathy have four children, Sarah, Jessica, Nathan, and Caleb. The strategy of their labors is to firmly establish Native believers for church leadership. They do this by ministering to Natives in their own community and equipping them to reach that community from within, giving the Natives the potential to minister more effectively to their own people than an outsider could. Their goal is not to pastor the Native church, but to encourage the development of leaders within the Native church who have been discipled to fulfill the calling of indigenous church leadership. Once this goal has been realized in a community they then begin the process again in a new location.

Outreach ministry in the Native community includes assisting Native churches, preaching in alcohol detoxification centers and older-adult centers, backyard Bible clubs, wakes, tribal radio ministry, and tribal jails. These ministry programs are attended by Natives from the reservation who come for discipleship. College students serving as summer missionary interns are also able to get involved in the various reservation communities.

The Murphys feel truly blessed in helping to equip Native leaders in their burden to reach their own people effectively with the Gospel. Two evangelistic videos are now available which make it possible for their people to hear the Gospel in their own language. All who have labored on these projects are excited about the prospect of thousands of homes on multiple reservations being impacted by the witness of these Navajo and Apache believers as they share the message of Romans 10:12, 13.

The Murphy family is grateful for the privilege of serving the Lord on the Native American mission field and for the assistance of God's people who financially and prayerfully support them.