Sam and Amy Slobodian

Sam and Amy Slobodian have served with Baptist International Evangelistic Ministries, (BIEM) since 1982. They have five children, Sarah, Susan, Steven, Sharon and Stephanie. Sam directs the ministry of BIEM as president, and Amy and Sarah work in the office.

BIEM has been reaching Eastern Europe since 1981. Headquartered near Indianapolis, Indiana, BIEM focuses on evangelism, church planting, training nationals and Gospel literature distribution in the former Soviet bloc. Evangelism through missionary radio was the initial focus of this ministry in its early years. In 1992 church planting became the main focus of BIEM. The radio ministry and many trips behind the Iron Curtain provided BIEM with ideal contacts for planting churches in Russia and Ukraine. BIEM's approach to fulfilling the missionary mandate in Eastern Europe features the support, training and equipping of dedicated and prepared nationals.

Through this partnership of an American prayer and support base with national Christians and churches, BIEM has been able to reach countless souls and plant many churches in Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania and Georgia. In 2005 they expanded by adding missionaries and projects targeting the Muslim stronghold of Central Asia. Currently, further expansion is projected in Belarus and Western Asia.

Many of the 50 churches established through this ministry are now self-supporting and over 33 have undergone building programs. BIEM has also been instrumental in training over 300 national pastors, missionaries and Christian workers through schools established at four Eastern European locations. For all this the Slobodians praise God for the "great things He hath done."