Nate and Maam Beckman

In 2008 the Beckmans started searching for a location to plant a new church. After much prayer they felt led to move to one of the oldest and most unreached areas of Bangkok, the capital city. At that time there were no churches in that area at all.

The Beckmans use teaching English as a second language as tool to build relationships and teach the Bible. Since 2009 they have also led a prison ministry that has produced fruit and brought people into the membership of their church.

In 2014, the Beckmans, along with their missionary team, established Pinklao Baptist Church with 24 charter members. Since that time Pinklao Baptist Church has continue to grow, little by little. In 2019 Pinklao Baptist Church saw, for the first time, one of members go to bible college with the hopes of being in ministry full-time.

Pray for souls to be saved through these ministries and for wisdom as they deal with the challenges and opposition facing them. Satan has had this area uncontested for years, and he has a vested interest in keeping it. Please pray for the Beckmans as they seek to break up hard ground in order to plant spiritual seed.