Toby and Susan Stevens

Toby and Susan Stevens and their sons, Curtis and Clayton, live in Cambridge, Massachusetts. They relocated to Cambridge in December 2010, after Toby served for three years as assistant pastor of a church in New Hampshire. The church was supporting Bill and Deb Edmondson who were missionaries/church planters in Boston, desiring to minister to the large international community of that city. Toby and his wife became acquainted with the Edmondsons, and in 2011 Toby completed an internship with their ministry. Toby and Susan became appointees with Baptist Mid Missions in the summer of 2012. They are preparing to serve along with the Edmondsons in Boston long-term.

The goal of their ministry is to establish a church in the city of Boston by building relationships and sharing the gospel with the immigrant and international communities, and ultimately observing the spread of the gospel into other cities of the world. Toby explains that international students are coming to Boston having already learned the English language; he and his wife don’t have to learn their language or their culture; they simply share the gospel with them, and when those students return home they can reach others in their country far better than Toby or his wife could since they already know their way of life, having grown up in those cultures.

Toby meets with students for an hour, two, three, and sometimes even four hours each week to help them with their English. He’s gotten to know many students this way, and his desire is to build a relationship with them and then share the gospel with them.He uses a twelve-week Bible study called “the Evangelistic Bible Study” that has been developed and designed specifically for international students. It starts in Genesis and goes all the way to the Gospels. The first two lessons deal with the Promised One, mentioned in Genesis, and the rest of the lessons talk about His promised coming, and then the last couple lessons reveal that the Promised One, Jesus Christ, has come.

Northeastern University is where Toby conducts most of his daily meetings with international students. The number of students at Northeastern is just over twenty-one thousand, and 18.5 percent of Northeastern's student population is international, representing 139 different countries.

Susan is currently working for a software company where more than half of the employees in her department are foreign-born. Through these opportunities, Toby and Susan are building relationships that are leading to evangelism and discipleship. They are anticipating the Lord to do great and mighty things in cities around the world through the ministry in Boston.